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2011 Conference Presentations
Surratt, Hilary L., Steven P. Kurtz, Theodore J. Cicero, and Leah M. Varga. 2011.
“Medication Diversion among HIV-Positive Substance Abusers in Miami,”
College on Problems of Drug Dependence Seventy-third Annual Meeting,
Hollywood, FL, June 19-23.
Surratt, Hilary L. and Steven P. Kurtz. 2011.
“Violence, Psychological Distress and
Sexual Risk among Highly Vulnerable Female Sex Workers,”
Congress for Sexual Health, Glasgow UK, June 12-16.
Surratt, Hilary L., Steven P. Kurtz and Theodore J. Cicero. 2011.
“The Impact of
Violent Victimization and Serious Mental Illness on HIV Risk among Female
4th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health, Madrid, Spain,
March 16-19, 2011.