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2011 Publications
(in chronological order)
Kurtz, Steven P., Mance E. Buttram, Hilary L. Surratt and Ronald D. Stall. In
“Resilience, syndemic factors, and serosorting behaviors among HIV-
positive and HIV-negative substance using MSM.”
AIDS Education and
Rigg, Khary K., Steven P. Kurtz and Hilary L. Surratt. In press.
“Patterns of
PrescriptionMedication Diversion among Drug Dealers.”
Drugs: Education,
Prevention and Policy.
Gunther, Whitney, Steven P. Kurtz, Daniel O’Connell and Nicholas Bakken. ln press.
“Desisting from Prescription Drug Abuse: An Application of Growth Models to
Rx Opioid Users.”
Journal of Drug Issues.
Kurtz, Steven P. In press.
“Arrest histories, victimization, substance use, and
sexual risk behaviors among young adults in Miami’s club scene.”
In Sanders,
B., Thomas, Y.F. & Deeds, B. (Eds.),
Crime, HIV and Health: Intersections of Criminal
Justice and Public Health Concerns.
New York: Springer.
Surratt, Hilary L., Steven P. Kurtz, Minxing Chen and Angela Mooss. 2011.
“HIV risk
among female sex workers in Miami: The impact of violent victimization and
untreated mental illness.”
Surratt, Hilary L., Steven P. Kurtz and Theodore J. Cicero. 2011.
“Alternative Routes
of Administration and Risk for HIV among Prescription Opioid
Journal of Addictive Diseases
(4): p. 334-41. PMID22026525.
Kurtz, Steven P., Hilary L. Surratt, Maria A. Levi-Minzi and Angela
Mooss. 2011.
“Benzodiazepine dependence among multidrug users in the club
Drug and Alcohol Dependence. PMCID3205230.